Project X

Changing the world one project at a time

Project X is a unique aspect of Nexel Services. It consists of managers from our various divisions working together to ensure that every branch of Nexel is at the top of its game.

The Project X team is constantly conducting market research, expanding their skills with high-end training, and keeping up to date with the latest trends in the business and technology world.

Project X works behind the scenes, forecasting and strategizing plans for all of Nexel’s projects, whether they are currently being developed or just coming down the pipeline.

Thanks to Project X, every Nexel Services division can provide clients with the outstanding quality of service they’ve come to expect, done OUR way.

Project X supports every aspect of the Nexel empire, from our clients and employees to our suppliers and outsourcing partners. High-level strategies, cultural development and implementation, and application and integration of the latest technologies are just a few of the ways the Project X team takes everything we do to the next level.